Monday, June 11, 2012

Update/Posting Forecasts: To New Adventures

So obviously the posts on the Bourbon Intelligencer have slowed down this last month or so. This, thankfully, has not been due to the some unfortunate whiskey drought, or because I’m having doubts about the whole venture – quite the contrary in fact. The whole story is that my wife and I have been busy getting ready to move from Portland, OR, back to Sacramento, CA, our hometown where we grew up and where our most of our families reside. And as sad as moving away from one of the greatest cities in America may sound, there is some silver lining. The catch is that we will only be moving our belongings back… sort of. We will eventually place our roots in Sacramento, but as soon as we get all our things safely secured later this June, we will promptly be getting on a plane and heading straight to Europe. Not to mention this is not your average two week summer vacation. With no jobs, school, or financial ties, we will be setting out for three whole months enjoying mainland Europe for about a month, heading north to spend some quality time in the heart of Scotland after that, and riding off to the west to spend our last month in Ireland. As much as this is a vacation and celebration for both being done with our studies, my wife having just finished up her degree, it will also be a time of planning and accumulating tons of inspiration for our new lives and (ad)ventures we will be starting in Sacramento. Much whiskey will be tasted. Much good food will be enjoyed. That said, I am not entirely sure what the whiskey reviews will look like during this time, but have no fear for there will be many interesting post to be consumed. There will be plenty of photos and videos to capture everything. Thank you so much for the support you have provided this past year! This blog has turned out to be much more then I would ever have expected. Feel free to check out my tumblr,, from which I will be documenting much of the trip. Until next time my fellow whiskey drinkers, remember to drink what you like, know what you drink, and make it a double!


  1. I am so jealous. Enjoy the trip.

    1. Thank you very much! Only 2 more days and we leave! Very excited!

  2. That sounds incredibly awesome. Can't wait to hear about the drinks you try in Scotland!

  3. Hope you're having a fantastic trip! when you get back you should check out this drink machine that i have bought recently, it smooths alcohol and brings out the flavors and aromas! the whiskey is like honey!! and the best part is that it is friendlier to your body (no hangover) here is the link