Saturday, June 11, 2011

The Commencement of the Bourbon Intelligencer (Formerly The Whiskey Intelligencer):

The philosopher Jacques Derrida used the dictum, “There is nothing outside the text.” And so I write, “There is nothing outside the bottle.” When it comes to whiskey you ought to drink what you like, not what the “experts” think you should value. If it is choosing a bottle of Old Grand-Dad over some super-rare-extra-premium bottle of Macallan, then you, and only you, should make the choice (especially since Old Grand Dad might save you a few hundred dollars/pounds). That is not to say, like Derrida, I believe taste is wholly founded on social conventions. I believe there is good whiskey and I believe there is better whiskey. In this blog I will attempt to distinguish between the two. That being said, my intentions for this blog are completely selfish. I am not attempting to compete with the other whiskey bloggers out there. Indeed, the simple fact that I don’t have the experience prevents me from competition anyway. This space is for my enjoyment and my relaxation - and it is far from being anything too serious at the moment. But that is not to say that someone, especially someone new at this like I am, cannot benefit from the content which I hope to exhibit.  Hopefully, by the end of each new tasting, each new tour, each new cigar, and possibly after some useless historical pseudo-philosophical expositions, some of my passion can rub off and encourage you to go out and try something you have never experienced before.

Drink what you like, and make it a double!

Update as of Aug. 10th 2011: There has been a name change. Click here to read about it.


  1. Just wanted to comment on the improvement of the photo quality and artistic quality which adds to your reviews.
    I'll take a Double!

  2. Thank you very much for the encouragement! It's been quite the journey. Learning a lot though, which is the whole point!