Friday, June 17, 2011

Posting Forecast:

"The best whiskey I've ever had is like the best horse race ever run: the next one."
- Max Watman from Chasing the White Dog

I’ve been envisioning my first genuine post and what items of interest should take this grand position to finally get things rolling. This is a rather short post to present a forecast of the next month or so and what I plan to display: 

1.     Be it that I live in Portland, OR, what many consider the heart of the micro-distilling movement, I felt that I would start off with some local whiskey. Recently I made an excursion out to McMenamins Edgefield which is the location of McMenamins current distillery. I had a chance to tour both the distillery and to stock up on two of their current selections. I intend to include a few posts detailing my experiences, as well as use their whiskey to execute my first tasting.

2.     Associated with my visit I had the unfortunate experience of ordering an Old Fashioned while at McMenamins. When I received the drink it was… well… I’m not sure what it was, but it wasn’t the traditional Old Fashioned I know and love. So I will allow this experience to push off a weekly or biweekly DIY, this first DIY highlighting the type of Old Fashioned I appreciate.

3.     Lastly, I recently picked up a copy of Chasing the White Dog: An Amateur’s Outlaw Adventure in Moonshine, so I thought I would give it a review and cover several of the interesting historical points and current trends which are developing in the whiskey world presented by the author.

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