Monday, July 11, 2011

Posting Forecast:

"The last time I turned down a whisky, 
I didn’t understand the question." 
- A friend of John Hansell

I just wanted to write a small update about some new upcoming blog post. I know I haven’t yet reviewed Chasing the White Dog by Max Watman but that should come soon. I also plan on writing up both an American and Irish whiskey review in the near future. But, since I will be spending the next week camping in Crater Lake National Park, nothing will be posted until the weekend. Lastly, and what I am most excited for, I might be taking a trip down to San Francisco. Meaning, if I’m lucky, I will be touring a couple of the local distilleries and thus generate some new entries. Until next time: Drink what you like, and make it a double. I know this week I will!

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