Saturday, August 6, 2011

An Education: Absinthe

"In all likely hood, if they're going to be honest about the color, they're going to be honest in just about everything else they're putting in it." - Lance Winters

Will you really cut your ear off when you drink absinthe? Is wormwood a poisonous substance? Will it make you hallucinate? No, no, and no. With absinthe recently being made legal and the hype it brings as Van Gogh's favorite drink, the legends and lore have grown and been proliferated by some bad producers racing to get in on the newly (re-newed) created market. With all the public confusion surrounding the spirit and since I just visited St. George Spirits, the first distillery in the United States to release absinth in about 90 years, I thought I would share this video (view below) of Lance Winters. One of the distillers at St. George, Lance explains the production process, the recent cultural phenomenon of the spirit, and his favorite way to drink it.

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