Wednesday, August 10, 2011

An Education: Whisky Masterclass with Ralfy Mitchell

"I never expected to receive so much recognition and positive feed-back from so many people so soon. In fact I never expected anything! started as a conventional Blog but with my decision to record video Blogs (Vlogs) in the form of 10 minute, unedited, informal video clips mainly of reviews of bottles, I seemed to hit an appreciative audience looking for a ‘Malt friend/advisor’ rather than for an Expert presenting a Marketing message or whisky cliches." - Ralfy Mitchel in a interview

It's about time I said a word about the "Maltastic" Ralfy Mitchell. Anyone who has begun the journey into the world of whiskey, like myself, will find out very quickly that there is a lot of bad information out there, sending unknown travelers down the wrong path. So when you find someone who knows their stuff it feels like you've just been rescued. Ralfy of is one of these people - an expert tracker who can get you back on the right path. Though he consistently says he is not an expert, Ralfy has had more then his share of whiskey experiences. Proof that the internet has power to push an average person into stardom, Ralfy has been vlogging heavily since 2009, having posted over 300 vlogs while also having received over 1,700,000 upload views to date.

Ralfy is one of those people who is hard not to like. From the onset of each video he is always well spoken and personable, bound to give you a laugh from start to finish. But laughs are not the primary reason one watches his videos. Laced with historical information and an awareness of the industry which peaks on an expert level, you are guaranteed to finish each of his reviews with a more abundant comprehension and most importantly a greater appreciation for distilled spirits in general. Like many whiskey enthusiasts out there I believe he is one of the best non-industry whiskey reviewers and definitely the best whiskey vlogger out there.

Since he's from Glasgow, Scotland, his focus is primarily Scotch Whisky, but he has also done a series on Irish and American spirits. Just recently he posted a 7-part whisk(e)y masterclass series which appeals to everyone, from newbies trying to get their footing to longtime aficionados who have been around the stuff for much of their lives. So sit back with a dram and enjoy - I guarantee he will became a favorite of yours. 

*Also check out his other videos from his YouTube channel or website.


  1. Ralfy is the best out there.

    1. Agreed! I don't think there is another person out there who I respect more when it comes to whiskey.